Mayor Nutter Receives Crime Plan From Police Commissioner Ramsey

Philadelphia, January 30 – Today Mayor Michael A. Nutter accepted the Philadelphia Police Department’s Crime Fighting Strategy from Commissioner Ramsey. This plan lays out the steps the Police Department will take to accomplish the Mayor’s goal of reducing the homicide rate by 30 to 50% in the next three to five years. “This is a bold plan to tackle the crime emergency that we have here in this city,” said Mayor Nutter. “The majority of us in Philadelphia are law-abiding citizens and we are going to take our city back from the small minority who are committing the crimes.” Key points in the plan include:

  • Two-hundred more officers on the street in Uniform Patrol by May 1, done through redeployment, new officers, and the temporary use of overtime. With these additional forces, we will increase the number of vehicle, foot and bike patrols.
  • Focus intensified efforts on the nine most violent districts, establishing Targeted Enforcement Zones within those districts.
  • Expand the existing surveillance camera program from twenty-six to 250 cameras by December 31, 2008.
  • Work with existing town watches and encourage neighborhoods to establish town watch organizations. To begin this process, by spring 2008, the Police Department will host a citywide conference with all town watch organizations to share information and ideas.

“Our work does not end with this plan,” said Mayor Nutter. “The Police Commissioner will be reporting to me quarterly to make sure that we are making steady progress towards Philadelphia becoming a safer city.”

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