Mayor Nutter Announces Albert D’Attilio as Director of Human Resources

May 30 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter has announced that Albert (Al) D’Attilio will serve as the Director of Human Resources for the City of Philadelphia. Mr. D’Attilio was recently appointed to the position by the members of the Civil Service Commission.

On Wednesday, the Civil Service Commission adopted a resolution calling for the Personnel Director to hereby be referred to as the “Director of Human Resources,” and for the agency to be known as the “Office of Human Resources.”

“This shift in title and name – from “Personnel” to “Human Resources” – reflects our intention to take a comprehensive, new approach to human resource management and to transform the Office into a modern Human Resources agency,” said Mayor Nutter. “I look forward to working with Al and his staff in our shared mission to attract, recruit and retain a top-notch and diverse workforce and to make working for the City of Philadelphia a first choice for all aspiring to serve the public.”

Al thanked Mayor Nutter for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Philadelphia. “I am both honored and excited to return to the department where I began my Human Resources career 25 years ago as a Management Trainee. I look forward to supporting the administration’s efforts to transform City government,” said Al.

Al joins the administration from Philadelphia Gas Works where he has most recently served as the Vice President of Human Resources. In that position he oversaw human resources for an organization employing over 1,700 employees, designing and implementing a performance management system and leading negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement. He began his career in the 1980s working for the City of Philadelphia in the Personnel Department. He then went on to earn his law degree at Temple University and served as the Human Resources Assistant Manager for the Philadelphia International Airport. From there, he worked for the City Law Department as the Assistant City Solicitor and the Deputy City Solicitor.

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