Mayor Nutter Launches Tax Fraud Hotline

Philadelphia, May 6 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced today a new weapon in the City’s fight against tax delinquency.  Citizens who are aware of tax fraud on the part of individuals or business can call the City of Philadelphia’s Tax Fraud Hotline – 215-686-3852, visit the Department of Revenue’s website at, or email to anonymously report tax fraud.

“We are asking law abiding citizens for help in going after the small number of tax dodgers,” said Mayor Nutter.  “The message is getting through – if you owe the City of Philadelphia taxes, you will pay one way or another.”

The Tax Fraud Hotline initiative is an expansion of the Mayor’s aggressive efforts to enhance revenue collections.  The City recently published its second list of delinquent businesses and officers who owe more than $50 million in outstanding judgments.  To date, this initiative has resulted in the collection of more than $2.6 million and more than $1.4 million from those who received notice that they were designated for future publication.  That’s $4 million this year from tax delinquents that the City has either collected or will collect very shortly.

Examples of tax fraud that should be reported include:

Failure to file tax returns
Failure to pay or correctly report taxes
Filing false returns
Fraudulent employee/employer withholding and filing
Tax evasion activity
Unlicensed businesses
Unreported income

Beginning May, 11, 2009, a representative from the Revenue Department will operate the hotline between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm.   After normal business hours, you can leave a message on the tax fraud hotline.  All allegations will be evaluated thoroughly and if deemed necessary, an investigation will be launched.  The tax fraud hotline voicemail is currently available.

Tax fraud reported via email and mail will be handled similarly to those reported by phone.  Individuals may send an email to the designated address from his/her personal email.  Your identity will be not revealed.  Please visit the Revenue Department’s tax fraud website – – for more information regarding this initiative and upcoming additions to the tax fraud reporting process, such as the ability to report and submit tax fraud online.

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