Philadelphia, October 27, 2009- Today, Mayor Michael A. Nutter and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced a World Series bet that will benefit children in both Philadelphia and New York.

Regardless of the outcome, both Mayors will host public arts projects. Mayor Nutter will join Mural Arts to paint a mural on the side of a Recreation Center. Mayor Bloomberg will partner with Public Color to paint the interior of a school.

If the Phillies win the series, Mayor Bloomberg will travel to Philadelphia to take part in the day of service while wearing a Phillies jersey. If the Yankees win the series, Mayor Nutter will travel to New York to take part in the day of service while wearing a Yankees jersey. The Mayor of the losing city will also buy the Mayor of the winning city and his fellow volunteers lunch.

“The real winner of this friendly wager is the Philadelphia community that stands by our teams,” said Mayor Nutter. “We will reward their dedication with this public arts project that focuses on our children. The only thing more certain for Philadelphia than a repeat is a mural for the community to enjoy.”

“Over past two seasons, the Phillies have been on an incredible ride, but the defending champs are about to become the former champs,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “The Yanks will be bringing the World Series title back to where it belongs, New York City. Baseball aside, engaging students in invigorating public schools by adding color is something we can all do to help students become invested in their schools and create a more dynamic school environment for our children. And I think Mayor Nutter is going to look great paining in the Bronx in the Jeter jersey I’ll have ready for him”

“It is gratifying to see Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Nutter join Major League Baseball in dedicating this year’s World Series to community service,” said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Nutter have taken the traditional World Series bet between Mayors and turned it into an opportunity to give back to the community and enrich the lives of others.”

For the first time ever, Major League Baseball is dedicating the first four games of the World Series to community service as a continuation of its “Going Beyond” initiative, which supports programs for veterans, cancer research and youth development.

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