Mayor Nutter Receives Outdoor Food Service Task Force Report

Philadelphia, August 29, 2012–  The Task Force on Outdoor Food Serving presented Mayor Michael A. Nutter with its report, “Moving Philadelphia Forward: A Path Toward Strengthening Food Access in Our Community.”  The report includes the Task Force findings and recommendations on how to serve more individuals indoors and to assist people who experience hunger and food insecurity.


“I look forward to reading the report and working to help the vulnerable people of our City have access to food that meets safety standards in a safe, dignified, indoor location where we can provide supportive service,” said Mayor Nutter.  “I want to thank the Task Force members for their hard work, dedication and support as we work to move outdoor food service indoors.”


The Task Force was convened in May 2012.  The Task Force was comprised of individuals from city departments, philanthropic and faith-based organizations, foundations and individuals who have participated in the food service programs.  The Task Force was chaired by Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr., Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services Commissioner.


“Several individuals and groups share a long-standing commitment to serving people who are in need,” said Dr. Evans. “Task Force members were actively engaged in identifying creative options to move the city forward in its efforts to address hunger.”


In the report, the Task Force identified five main recommendations that will help to move the City forward in its efforts to address hunger issues. The recommendations are:


  1. Establishing consensus, leadership & capacity to move the City forward to address hunger and food insecurity;


  1. Increasing and improving food access and options, and other needed services and supports for individuals in need;


  1. Using existing infrastructure and resources to build additional capacity for addressing issues of hunger and food insecurity;


  1. Creating opportunities for organizations and the public to better help individuals in need; and


  1. Establishing innovative food serving models to increase access to food indoors while addressing food insecurity.
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