Philadelphia, April 26, 2013–  Mayor Michael A. Nutter recognized the first anniversary of the signing of the Open Data Executive Order by spotlighting the release of 46 high value data sets, including the Part I crime data and assessed value information for all City properties over the past year.


“After one year since signing the Open Data Executive Order, we drafted the City’s first Open Government Plan, hired a Chief Data Officer, established the Open Data Working Group and released vital data sets to the public,” said Mayor Nutter.   “In the years to come, our Administration will remain focused on transparency, open engagement with the public and using best practices for making government data available to citizens.  I want to thank the many City departments and offices for their commitment to good governance and contributions to open data.”


In addition, the release schedule for City data sets has been made publicly accessible at


To access all new open data sets, log on to, the City’s community built and maintained open data directory.  Philadelphia is the only large City in the country with an official open data repository managed in collaboration with outside stakeholders.


“The City of Philadelphia casts a long shadow in the world of open government,” said Chief Data Officer Mark Headd.  “Because of the strong leadership of Mayor Nutter, Managing Director Rich Negrin and Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid, the City of Philadelphia has been able to achieve things in its first year of open data.”


The City’s Open Data Plan, developed by the Open Data Working Group can be read at


Mayor Nutter signed Executive Order 12-1, which formally established the City’s open data policy, on April 26, 2012.

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