City of Philadelphia Highlights Holistic Approach to Combating Crime

Philadelphia, July 25, 2013–   City officials detailed the Nutter Administration’s holistic, long-term approach to combating crime in Philadelphia, from the Philadelphia Police Department’s crime fighting strategy to programs that address the pervasive problems of poverty, joblessness and diminished opportunities, including the disproportionate likelihood of young African American males to be the victims and perpetrators of crime.


This approach includes measures, initiatives and programs across City government, in partnership with the state and federal government and community organizations, to focus on public safety, education, workforce and economic development, community trauma and behavioral health, quality of life, and human services.


“Our Administration has a multi-faceted and continuous approach to combat crime,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “We know a true crime-fighting strategy cannot only focus on policing and incarceration; it must address the underlying conditions that contribute to criminal activity.  The programs and initiatives in which we are engaged are interrelated and focused on the same goal: reducing crime with a focus on decreasing the number of young black male casualties in our City.”


In addition to program overviews from the Philadelphia Police Department and the Department of Human Services, the City also provided an update on its comprehensive, strategic plan to reduce the number of shootings and homicides among youth and young adults, ages 7-24, in the 22nd Police District, as a part of its involvement in the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention.


“In my role as the lead for Philadelphia’s work with the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, we are developing a framework to fundamentally address violence immediately and for decades to come by aligning initiatives and programs that are effective, understanding the impact of those programs on the community, and strategically connecting our assets and resource to reduce violence and save lives,” said Richard Greenwald, Executive Director, Youth Violence Prevention Collaborative/Stoneleigh Fellow.


Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison added, “Our work with the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention focuses on multi-disciplinary partnerships, data-driven strategies and strong, critical leadership from Mayor Nutter, Commissioner Ramsey and other dedicated officials – like many of our other approaches to tackle public safety concerns. We will continue to use an array of strategies, from police work to education and from poverty reduction to community building, to decrease crime in Philadelphia.”




Watch a video on the City of Philadelphia’s GunStat program here:

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