Mayor Nutter Issues Statement on Introduction of Demolition Bills in City Council

October 3, 2013  Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement after the introduction of a package of bills in City Council regarding demolition practices:
“I have read the detailed report of City Council’s Special Investigating Committee on demolition practices and procedures and I want to thank Council for its hard work in this area of great concern to all Philadelphians. There are many significant findings in this report that have now been translated into a package of five proposed ordinances introduced in City Council today.
“Like City Council, this Administration is dedicated to doing all we can to ensure safety at all demolition sites in the city. That is why I issued an executive order detailing a set of changes in practices and procedures for the Department of Licenses and Inspections just two days after the terrible tragedy at 22ndand Market streets. These changes include a new requirement for site safety plans at demolition sites and engineering reports for projects with structures of more than three stories. We prohibited the use of mechanical demolition machinery when the building being demolished is adjacent to an occupied structure. And we have increased the level of oversight by L&I inspectors at demolition sites, adding 20 new inspectors and creating a Construction Site Task Force within L&I, a new unit that has already had a significant impact on demolition activities in the City.
“With the introduction of the proposed legislation, my staff and I will work with City Council and the public to develop a stronger regulatory environment that ensures safety at all demolition sites in the City.”
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