Mayor Nutter’s Statement on the Resignation of School Reform Commission Chairman, Pedro Ramos

Philadelphia, October 21, 2013–  Mayor Michael A. Nutter released the following statement on the resignation of Pedro Ramos, Chairman of the School Reform Commission:


“In a time of unprecedented crisis for the School District of Philadelphia, Pedro Ramos was the strong, visionary leader that Philadelphia so deeply needed as chairman of the School Reform Commission. Growing up in Philadelphia, attending the city public schools and then sending his children to these schools, Pedro on a very personal level understood the long-term issues facing our city and its schools. Time after time, Pedro did not flinch from making tough decisions on behalf of our children, such as ensuring that the Commission would not spend dollars it didn’t have and instead would engage in five-year budgeting, which provides a clear picture of the district’s fiscal position.


I, along with many Philadelphians, appreciate Pedro Ramos’ profound commitment of time and energy and the personal sacrifices that he made during his tenure. This was Pedro’s second tour of public service at this all important body and a key element of his legacy is a focus on ridding the system of failing schools because Philadelphia children deserve the very best we adults can provide. I appreciate all that he’s done and wish him the best.”

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