City of Philadelphia Celebrates Donated Computer Lab

New computer lab donated by Temple Computer Recycling Center, will service William Cramp Elementary School.

Philadelphia, November 4, 2013 – The City of Philadelphia celebrated a newly donated computer lab at William Cramp Elementary School in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia. The PhillyRising Collaborative, the Office of Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Temple Computer Recycling Center partnered together to secure a donation of 30 desktop computers for the school.

City of Philadelphia Managing Director Richard Negrin said, “If we are going to lift our children up and continue to expand their minds as well as their opportunities, we need to ensure that they are connected and engaged with critical technology that can positively change their lives.”


Prior to the donation, students only had access to mismatched laptops that were about ten years old. With the new computer lab, William Cramp Elementary School has assigned a teacher specifically to manage the lab and work with students. The computers are about 2-3 years old and have advanced teaching software installed on the machines that reacts to students as they learn in real time.


Councilwoman Quiñones-Sánchez said, “I want to thank the MDO and Temple University for selecting the wonderful gem of Cramp School for this computer lab, this community more than any needs to be served if we are going to close the digital divide.”


Cramp Principal Deanda Logan said, “All Cramp School students, parents and staff are deeply grateful for the extraordinary generosity of PhillyRising in partnership with the Temple Computer Recycling Center for their amazing gift of a new School Computer lab.  That these organizations recognize the importance of student access to technology is wonderful; that they provide this access is remarkable.  We are truly indebted to them for their support.”

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