Mayor Nutter, GuardianMPS Announce Plans to Locate U.S. Headquarters in Philadelphia

UK technology company completes trial with Philadelphia Department of Human Services.


London, United Kingdom, November 6, 2013 Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that GuardianMPS will be establishing its U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia.  The company expects to open a Philadelphia office in early 2014 with around 10 high-tech employees, growing to 30 employees over the next three years.  It is a subsidiary of the UK Company Guardian24, a leading supplier of solutions to the UK mobile and lone working market (a lone worker is a person who works without close or direct supervision). GuardianMPS recently completed a working trial of its Mobile Personal Safety product with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and has signed a contract to expand this service to more employees.

“GuardianMPS is the latest in a long line of innovative, technology companies that are choosing Philadelphia as their home,” said Mayor Nutter.  “By working with a city government that is open to new ideas and approaches, GuardianMPS discovered that Philadelphia was the natural choice for their U.S. operation.  I am excited to welcome yet another British-owned company to the Philadelphia marketplace.”

Henry Woods, CEO of Guardian24, which is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, met with Mayor Nutter at a London reception for the Philadelphia trade delegation hosted by Lord Green, Minister for Trade and Investment, where they discussed GuardianMPS’ new presence in Philadelphia.

“We are both delighted and impressed by our initial experience with the City of Philadelphia,” said Woods.  “We have found the City very welcoming and professional as it supports potential incoming organizations.  Separately, we also found the City to be highly innovative – we are excited by their decision to provide our Mobile Worker solution and services to social workers to help them operate effectively and be safer while out in the field supporting local youth, families and elderly citizens.”

The GuardianMPS solution effectively transforms a broad range of cell and smart phones into dedicated Mobile Personal Safety devices.  With GuardianMPS, the user can schedule their activities and timings.  If the social worker ‘overstays’ their current appointment, GuardianMPS will contact them to confirm all is well.  If they can’t enter a PIN or enter a duress code, then the system moves to ‘alarm status.’  GuardianMPS dials into the phone (while the phone appears to be off) and listens live to what is happening.  Central Station Monitoring, working on behalf of the City, can listen in and advise the police or relevant responders.  GuardianMPS also accurately locates the device at the same time to aid in that response.

“We are pleased that GuardianMPS has received such a warm welcome from the City of Philadelphia, which is indicative of the city’s appetite for innovative and dynamic British technology,” said Danny Lopez, British Consul General to New York and Pennsylvania. “British companies already account for around 50,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, and that number is growing steadily. I’m delighted to see our link with Philadelphia and Pennsylvania going from strength to strength.”

A full trial of 27 DHS users has been conducted for 3 months and was highly successful.  As a result of this, DHS has now confirmed the first phase of a contract with GuardianMPS.  Anne-Marie Ambrose, Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, said, “We have rigorously tested the GuardianMPS system and the Central Station Monitoring service. We now know that GuardianMPS can measurably increase the safety of our social worker field staff.  This is the reason for our investment and commitment and we look forward to a continuing and developing partnership with GuardianMPS.”

Select Greater Philadelphia played a huge role in bringing GuardianMPS to Philadelphia, providing an overview of the region and comparison with other competitor states.  It introduced the company to the Commerce Department and DHS officials at the City of Philadelphia, which were able to facilitate the initial trial. This was instrumental in the company’s decision to locate its U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia.

“This is great news for our region. Select Greater Philadelphia is pleased to have helped Guardian come to Greater Philadelphia by providing a multi-state confidential site selection process customized to meet their needs,” said Tom Morr, President and CEO, Select Greater Philadelphia. “The entire region will benefit from the jobs that will be created. The talented workforce in this region means that Greater Philadelphia has what growing businesses need to succeed.”

Mayor Nutter is currently leading a trade mission to the United Kingdom and Israel to promote the city and attract international investment to Philadelphia.  For more information on the Philadelphia trade mission please visit


About GuardianMPS

Guardian MPS is a subsidiary of the UK Company Guardian24. Guardian24 is, by several measures, the leading supplier of solutions to the UK mobile and lone working market. The Guardian24 subscriber base now exceeds 33,000 users; with approximately 400 public and private sector organizations across the UK benefiting from their services. Among their customers are local authorities, healthcare services, housing associations, central government bodies, NHS trusts, educational institutions, charities, banking, insurance, and construction etc. Guardian24 and Guardian MPS are used via a wide range of devices including the BlackBerry® smartphone, Android smartphone, Windows PDA, Mobile Phone or any specialist Lone Worker Device.

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