Code Orange Ozone Action/Ozone Health Watch Day

The Air Quality Partnership of the Delaware Valley and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Air Management Services, have announced that <INSERT>. Regional fine particulate matter is expected to exceed the federal health-based air quality standard. According to meteorologists, the weather pattern is ideal for the formation of unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter.


Particle pollution is the term for tiny drops of liquid or small particles of dust, metals and other material that float in the air. Some particles are large or dark enough to be seen as soot or smoke. Others are so small that they can only be detected with an electron microscope. Particle pollution comes from a variety of sources such as cars, power plants, factories, construction sites, forest fires, and municipal waste incinerators.


People with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, and children should limit prolonged exertion.


Take action to reduce polluting activities from particle pollution:


  • Use wood stoves and fireplaces wisely and sparingly. If you must burn wood, burn only untreated hard wood in a properly maintained woodstove or fireplace.
  • Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.
  • Choose a cleaner commute—share a ride to work or use public transportation. Bicycle or walk to errands when possible.
  • Combine errands and reduce trips.
  • Avoid prolonged idling and jackrabbit starts.
  • If you must drive, try to avoid congested periods.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s emission control equipment.


In addition, Philadelphia’s Air Quality Website, located at provides the most up-to-date information about the air quality in Philadelphia and lets you know what you should do to protect your health if the air quality is unhealthy. The tool used to show this is the Air Quality Index (AQI) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


If you have co-workers without access to the City’s e-mail system, please do them a favor and share this message with them!

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