Mayor Nutter Receives Report from Facilities Task Force

Report offers recommendations on how the City can best manage facilities, reduce energy and save money.


Philadelphia, December 6, 2013– Mayor Michael A. Nutter received the final report and recommendations from the chairman of the Mayor’s Task Force on City-owned Facilities, which was created by Executive Order in 2011 and charged with a two-year mission to review city leasing, space management, building maintenance and energy/utility management policies and operations.  The final report provides Mayor Nutter with ten major recommendations to lower facility operating and capital expenses and provide improved delivery of City services.

“This report provides the City with recommendations on how to better manage our facilities now, how to become more energy efficient and how to ensure that we continue to maintain high-quality facilities in the future,” said Mayor Nutter. “I want to thank Tom Knox and the rest of the taskforce members for their hard work and diligence on this report.”

The Task Force was chaired by Philadelphia businessman Tom Knox, and its members included representatives from the real estate, green building and facility management industries in the Philadelphia region.  Key benefits cited in the report are cost savings over five years include:

  • $36 million in energy savings from targeted preventive maintenance on buildings;
  • $33 million of avoided deferred maintenance costs (otherwise requiring bond supported funds under the Capital Budget); and
  • $2 million reduction in utility costs.

“I thank Mayor Nutter for asking me to chair the Mayor’s Task Force on City-Owned Facilities. It was an honor to work with so many talented and dedicated people who share my passion for this great city,” said Tom Knox, Chairman of the taskforce. “The recommendations the Mayor’s Task Force have put forth have obvious benefits to reduce the amount of leased space needed by making better use of space in existing city-owned buildings like One Parkway Building and the Municipal Services Building. We are proud of our work and look forward to the implementation of many of our well-researched recommendations.”

The City is already undertaking some of the recommendations offered by the Task Force. Some of these are:

  • Creating a new master facilities database of all of owned and leased facilities across the city with available metrics on size, staffing and energy use. This data is available now to the public through the City’s open data program;
  • Conducting a space utilization study for a typical floor in the One Parkway Building in order to test modern, more efficient office layouts while supporting and improving City business;
  • Forming a utility payment advisory board to provide policies and make transparent when the City will pay for the utilities of tenants in its buildings;
  • Providing new guidelines on leasing to ensure the City obtains the best rates and terms.

Serving on the Mayor’s Task Force on City-Owned Facilities along with Mr. Knox were the following members:

Glenn Blumenfeld, Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Joe Campbell, Drexel University

Ryan Conner, Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Amanda Davis, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

John Fry, Drexel University

Don Haas, Philadelphia BOMA

Bobby Henon, Philadelphia City Council, 6th District

Glenn Hing, Hing Cheng, P.C.

James Kenney, Philadelphia City Council, At-Large

Janet Milkman, Delaware Valley Green Facility Council

Maria Quinones-Sanchez, Philadelphia City Council, 7th District

Bill Sasso, Stradley, Ronon, Stevens and Young

Jim Tucker, Drexel University

Mark Tucker, Tucker Development Plus

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