Department of Licenses and Inspections Announces New Requirements for All Permit Applications and Contract Licenses

New requirements are in effect starting January 1, 2014.
December 23, 2013– Effective January 1, 2014, all contractors working on all types of construction and demolition projects in the City of Philadelphia will be required to meet additional requirements in order to obtain required permits.  Under the new regulations mandated by the Department, permits will not be issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) unless the contractor named on the permit provides a Tax Clearance form from the Department of Revenue and a current, valid Certificate of Insurance.
“These new requirements strengthen the Department’s oversight of contractors doing business in the City of Philadelphia and helps us further ensure public safety around construction and demolition sites,” said Department of Licenses and Inspections Commissioner Carlton Williams.
The Tax Clearance form for Licenses and Permits must be obtained by visiting the Department of Revenue’s website and accessing the Tax Clearance menu.  The Certificate of Insurance must be obtained from the contractor’s insurer and must indicate current general liability, workers’ compensation and automobile liability coverage.  The general liability coverage must have a minimum limit of general liability of $500,000 and name the City of Philadelphia as an additional insured. Additional details about the new requirements can be found on the Department’s website:
In addition to the new application requirements, contractors are also reminded that recent legislation has led to additional requirements for the display of contractor licenses, the use of permits and the posting of job sites for all contractors. Failure to meet these requirements may result in license suspension or revocation.
All contractors, registered master plumbers, electrical contractors, warm air installers and fire suppression system contractors licensed pursuant to Title 9 of the Philadelphia Code are now required to display their license number at the job site, as well as on correspondence and business signage.  Contractors are also reminded that are not permitted to transfer their license or allow another person or entity to perform work on permits obtained by the contractor.
Contractors are also reminded that they must post a copy of all permits and insurance certificates at all job sites, and must also post information about the contractor, subcontractor, and property owner at most job sites. Additional information on these requirements is available in Title 9-1004 of the Philadelphia Code and on the Department’s website:
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