City of Philadelphia Withdraws Notice of Intent to Contract for Conflict Counsel

Philadelphia, January 15, 2014 – The City of Philadelphia has withdrawn a notice of intent to contract in connection with a proposed conflict counsel contract, owing to a technical registration filing issue. In the near future, a new RFP will be issued to start the process again.


“The City was unable to sign a contract with the Law Offices of Daniel P. Alva because the City code requires the name of the entity initiating the bid process in the eContract Philly system to be the same name as the entity with whom the City will contract,” said Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison. “I want to emphasize that this technical issue does not reflect on the quality of the proposal, the City’s resolve to move in the direction of establishing a formal conflict counsel or the individuals who were preparing to do this work. We firmly believe this approach will improve the delivery of legal services to the most vulnerable individuals in the criminal justice and dependency system.”


The Conflicts Counsel RFP included language requiring that the applicant who establishes an account on eContract Philly and responds to a particular contract opportunity is the same as the entity that will enter into and perform the contract if awarded that contract. When the City Law Department conformed the contract with Mr. Alva, the technical issue became apparent.


The City was unable to complete the contract with Mr. Alva because the name used at the start of the contracting process was Alva & Associates LLC and not the actual Law Offices of Daniel P. Alva, in which Mr. Alva has an interest. He is not associated with Alva & Associates.


The essence of the proposed Conflict Counsel office is to create a legal services entity to work in the criminal and dependency areas in cases where there are multiple defendants or interests. Typically, the Defender’s Association would provide counsel to the first defendant while appointed attorneys would represent other clients in the case. The Conflict Counsel office would be able to provide a variety of services related to these cases, such as investigatory and social work, to the second defendant in a criminal case.

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