Mayor Nutter Announces Departure of Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman

January 17, 2014– Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the departure of Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman who is contending with the side effects of chemotherapy for a recurrent cancer. Ms. Markman’s last day of city employment will be Friday, January 31.
“As the City’s first ever Chief Integrity Officer, Joan Markman infused everything she did with the highest professional and ethical standards. She promoted the concepts of honesty, integrity and transparency in government service,” Mayor Nutter said. “Joan has occupied an office right next to my own for very significant reasons. I wanted to repair the damaged reputation of public service in Philadelphia and she became the city’s champion of ethics and accountability. And whether the issue was contracting, the disposition of city property or ethics regulations, she helped the Administration set a new course for the City.”
During her tenure, Markman along with her colleague Inspector General Amy Kurland trained city employees in ethics rules. She also launched a city website, IntegrityWorks, which is a tool for city employees and the public to learn about city ethics policies and practices in real life situations. As part of her regular review of contracting issues in the City, she uncovered an overcharge in connection with a proposed long-term contract to build and operate a solid waste treatment facility, saving the City more than $9 million.
“It’s been a privilege to serve the citizens of Philadelphia in Mayor Nutter’s administration,” Ms. Markman said. “I’m gratified that over the past six years I’ve been able to work with so many administration officials and city employees who have done the city’s business with honesty and integrity. And I believe that the public appreciates the good work that has been done.
“It’s with sadness that I announce my decision to retire from City employment. While the treatment I’ve been getting has been effective so far, the side effects have affected my ability to work in the way that I am accustomed over many years,” said Ms. Markman, who will continue her tenure on the Philadelphia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.
Prior to joining the Nutter Administration in January 2008, Ms. Markman spent more than 20 years as a Federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia where she gained a reputation as an effective and dedicated prosecutor focused on public corruption and fraud cases. She also served as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and holds a law degree from the University of Virginia’s School of Law. 
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