Philadelphia Code and Charter Download Instructions

THE PHILADELPHIA CODE AND HOME RULE CHARTER ARE NOW AVAILABLE ELECTRONICALLY, UPDATED THROUGH February 18, 2014(The electronic versions of the Code and Charter will be updated approximately monthly.)

If you need hard copy:  The paperbound Tenth Edition of The Philadelphia Code and a 2011 edition of the Home Rule Charter are now available (gray covers), along with a Cumulative Annual Supplement, dated February 2013.  The paperbound Zoning Code (dark green) is available as a stand-alone publication, dated February 2013 (superseding the August 2012 edition).   The Tenth Edition (including annual supplements), the Charter and the Zoning Code can be purchased through your department’s Procurement Officer from American Legal Publishing, 1-800-445-5588; fax: 1-513-763-3562; e-mail:

For occasional users, free on-line access is available at (go to Transparency on the right hand side, and click City Code and Charter).

For more frequent users, and for excellent search capabilities which are not available on the Internet, you should download the Code and Charter to your computer.  Downloading is available for any City computer.

These instructions do not apply in the Law Department.  Law Department personnel

 should consult their electronic Business Bulletin Board for applicable instructions.

To download the Code and Charter onto your computer, print these instructions (keep in mind that different departments have differently configured computers; if these instructions don’t work, consult your IT staff).  Then:

On some computers, the following two steps may be unnecessary:

● Double click on the file PhilaCode.exe.

● Choose Save.

  • Navigate in dialog box to Desktop.
  • Click Save to save file as Desktop/PhilaCode.exe
  • Create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking on your desktop, choosing New, and then choosing New Folder.
  • Double click on new icon on desktop: PhilaCode.exe

On some computers, the following step may be unnecessary:

Click OK or Run.

  • Using the Browse button, direct WinZip to send the file to the new folder on your desktop.
  • Click Unzip.
  • After unzip process is complete, click OK, then Close
  • Open the new folder on your desktop
  • Open the Philadelphia Code folder
  • Double-click the setup.exe file, then click Next and follow the defaults
  • You now can access the Philadelphia Code and Charter as follows:
  • Go to Start (bottom left of your screen), Programs, Philadelphia Code, Code
  • Or use the shortcut that now appears on your desktop (“Code”)
  • You may delete the new folder and philacode.exe file from your desktop after installation is complete
  • Old versions of the Code should be removed from your computer, as follows:
  • Go to Start (bottom left of your screen), Programs, BPC Code Online, Uninstall, OK

New updates should become available approximately monthly, when Council is in session.  Availability will be posted on the Employee Notices page of citynet.

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