Mayor Nutter Issues Statement on Governor Corbett’s Proposed Budget and Senate Approval of Two New SRC Members

Philadelphia, February 4, 2014 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement on Gov. Corbett’s proposed 2014-15 state budget and the Pennsylvania Senate vote confirming City Councilman Bill Green and Farah Jimenez as new appointees to the School Reform Commission:


“I am pleased that the Governor’s budget proposal has begun to respond to the enormous needs that the Philadelphia School District and school districts around the state are facing as we all strive to serve the needs of students. My education team and I will carefully review the proposal so that we can fully understand the implications for our public school students. And we will continue to work closely with Dr. William Hite and his District staff as they implement his vision and strategy for improving educational outcomes for our children.


“And as we continue to push for full and fair funding for public education statewide, we will also focus on creating sustainable and predictable funding – measures before the Pennsylvania General Assembly such as a cigarette tax and a proposal to split the distribution of the one-percent sales tax extension between Philadelphia schools and the city’s Pension Fund, legislation that would then require action by the Philadelphia City Council to pass the amended state sales tax bill.


“Regarding Senate action on Gov. Corbett’s nominations to the School Reform Commission, I believe that Councilman Bill Green and Farah Jimenez will give their fullest commitment to our children and their education, and I look forward to working with them and the entire SRC in our mutual efforts to improve educational opportunities and options for our children. Now that the Governor has appointed a majority of the SRC members and has selected the chairman, I look forward to the plans of Gov. Corbett and Councilman Green for how they will work in full coordination with Dr. Hite to increase funding for our students’ education, to improve the climate in our schools for teachers, to increase support services that our children need such as counselors and librarians and to see their joint advocacy for a new statewide, student-weighted funding formula along with a new charter school funding formula that will benefit all Pennsylvania students.


“I hope that these desperately needed educational, operational and managerial plans will be announced soon by Gov. Corbett, Mr. Green and the SRC in a unified manner so that we can quickly ensure that our students will receive the superior education that they deserve.  I look forward to a working relationship that keeps at the forefront our mutual effort on behalf of Philadelphia school children.”

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