Mayor Nutter Issues Statement on Comcast Corporation’s Proposed Acquisition of Time Warner Cable Company

Philadelphia, February 14, 2014 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement on Comcast Corp.’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable Company:


Comcast Corporation has emerged as a true media and innovation giant. I am hopeful that the proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, after public input and due diligence by various regulatory bodies, is approved. This transaction will provide millions more consumers with increased content and viewing opportunities. As Comcast’s name and brand reaches across our nation, it also enhances Philadelphia’s reputation and prominence as a technology and innovation leading city.

I want to commend Ralph and Brian Roberts, David L. Cohen and the entire Comcast team. They deserve our gratitude and the City’s appreciation for pushing this great corporate citizen farther into the areas of technology and communications while enhancing employment in our city.


The new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, which will soar more than 1,100 feet above our growing city, is an emblem and testament to what a smart entrepreneurial team can do to advance a city and state while growing their business, employing more people in Philadelphia and fulfilling the needs of millions of consumers. Comcast has been a terrific corporate partner for our City, and its new investment in the Innovation and Technology Center will bring more jobs to the city along with other companies that will want to be close to this technology leader.


I am enthusiastically supporting this acquisition as I believe this is the ultimate triple play – great for consumers, great for the company and great for our city. In the months ahead, I look forward to the conclusion of this transaction and even more economic, employment and consumer benefits that will result.

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