Authority created by Mayor Nutter & City Council to implement energy cost-savings strategies & help Philadelphia become greener


Philadelphia, April 3, 2014 –  The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) announced it has hired Jill Kowalski, the former Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.  The five-member board of PEA also has approved an aggressive work plan for 2014-2015.


The PEA was established in 2010 by Mayor Michael A. Nutter in partnership with Philadelphia City Council. As an independent municipal authority, PEA serves to identify, support, facilitate, develop and collaborate with City stakeholders on opportunities for reducing energy costs; enhancing energy efficiency; obtaining a clean, renewable and affordable energy supply; and reducing energy consumption.


“The City of Philadelphia has made tremendous progress across a number of the Greenworks energy initiatives lead by the Office of Sustainability, including our strategic energy procurement procedure, an effective demand response program, and advancing large- and small-scale building energy efficiency projects at city-owned facilities.  However, there is a lot of work still to be done.  I value the role of the Authority in providing valuable insights and expertise and look forward to working with them to look at both policy and project ideas that the Administration and City Council can work together to advance,” said Mayor Nutter.


“I proposed the Philadelphia Energy Authority to identify cost-savings strategies that also might carry the added bonus of helping Philadelphia reduce its carbon footprint,” City Council President Darrell L. Clarke said.  “I look forward to working with the PEA and the Nutter Administration as we explore ideas such as shared services agreements with other government entities to increase our bargaining power and save taxpayers’ money.”


Among the 13 initiatives outlined in the PEA 2014-2015 work plan are:


  •          Convene City departments and agencies to facilitate collaboration and partnership
  •          Organize and coordinate energy information for City departments, agencies and residents
  •          Create and implement a comprehensive energy plan for Philadelphia
  •          Administer and manage long-term energy contracts on behalf of the City


“The City Council of Philadelphia and Mayor Nutter recognize the critical importance of energy management and planning,” PEA Board Chair Christopher Lewis said. “The Authority will work to promote dialogue and next steps around these critical issues.”


To advance this work, the PEA hired its first Executive Director, Jill Kowalski, to oversee daily operations and to serve as primary contact for the Authority.


“I am thrilled to work with the Authority as we develop and implement well-informed and strategic energy programs and investments for the City of Philadelphia,” PEA Executive Director Jill Kowalski said, who was most recently the first executive director at the Delaware Valley Green Building Council and arrives to PEA with deep experience in nonprofit development and management.


Later this month, the PEA is expected to host the first of quarterly “Energy Salons,” which will convene government agencies, private entities and regional stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on strategic goals for energy usage and investments for the City. As a municipal authority, the PEA will provide to the City of Philadelphia objective expertise, a neutral forum for candid conversation and the technical resources for complex energy discussions.


For more information on the Philadelphia Energy Authority and to view the 2014-2015 work plan, visit

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