PIDC will manage the sales process for 20 schools identified by the School District of Philadelphia for re-use.


Philadelphia, May 5, 2014 Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Superintendent Dr. William Hite announced today that PIDC, on behalf of the School District of Philadelphia, will begin accepting sales offers on 20 school facilities that have been identified for re-use. PIDC will manage all aspects of the sales process for the District, including marketing, promotion, accepting offers, and making recommendations for sales to the District.


“We are pleased to announce the next phase of sales of vacant School District properties,” said Mayor Nutter. “Pending final approval by the School District and the School Reform Commission, the sale of these properties will relieve the School District of the cost to maintain these properties, will reduce debt service and will provide additional resources to help give our school children of Philadelphia the quality public education they deserve.”


All 20 properties are listed online at  PIDC and the School District will conduct a series of “Open Houses” for potential buyers of each of the school properties – two per day over a 10-day period, from May 19th to June 2nd.


“We are pleased to have PIDC as a partner in this very important process,” said Dr. William R. Hite, Superintendent.  “The expertise and experience that PIDC brings to the table will allow us to move quickly with the sale of our surplus properties and reinvest the funds into our schools and classrooms.”


Offers for purchase may be submitted at beginning today and will be accepted on a rolling basis until all properties have been sold.  PIDC will make recommendations for sales to the School District beginning on June 9th.  Offers will be accepted continuously until all properties have been sold; however interested parties are strongly encouraged to submit offers prior to June 9th.


“Our goal is to conduct an efficient and open process that encourages broad participation by the marketplace so that these properties can be transitioned to a productive use as quickly as possible,” said John Grady, President of PIDC.


The twenty properties listed for sale are:


  1. Edward Bok, 1901 S. 9th Street
  2. Charles Carroll, 2826 Salmon Street
  3. Communications Tech, 2900 S. 81st Street
  4. Fairhill, 2800-62 N. 6th Street
  5. Old Samuel Fels, 1001 Deveraux Avenue
  6. Thomas Fitzsimmons, 2601-31 W. Cumberland Street
  7. Robert Fulton, 56-86 E. Haines Street
  8. Germantown High School, 5901-41 Germantown Ave
  9. Elizabeth Gillespie, 3901-61 N. 18th Street
  10. Joseph Leidy, 1301-59 Belmont Avenue
  11. William Penn, 1301 N. Broad Street
  12. George Pepper, 2801 S. 84th Street
  13. Walter Smith, 1300 S. 19th Street
  14. M. Hall Stanton, 1523 W. Cumberland Street
  15. Abigail Vare, 1619 E. Moyamensing Avenue
  16. Rudolph Walton, 2601-31 N. 28th Street
  17. Sheridan West, 3701 Frankford Avenue
  18. John Whittier, 2600 W. Clearfield Street
  19. Old Frances Willard, 1920 E. Orleans Street
  20. Beeber Wynnefield, 1818 N. 53rd Street


In addition, the School District of Philadelphia will retain the following six properties, which are currently vacant, for potential educational re-use:


  1. Ada Lewis, 6199 Ardleigh Street
  2. Ferguson, 2000-2046 7th Street
  3. Kinsey, 6501 Limekiln Pike
  4. William Peirce, 2400 Christian Street
  5. John Reynolds Elementary School, 1429 N 24th Street
  6. Vaux, 2300 W. Master Street


In February 2014, the School District of Philadelphia announced that it had selected potential buyers with whom it will negotiate Agreements of Sale for several school facilities that recently closed. The schools are as follows:


  1. Anna Shaw Middle School, 5400 Warrington Avenue
  2. Alexander Wilson Elementary School, 1300 S. 46th Street
  3. Stephen Douglas High School, 2700 E. Huntingdon Street
  4. William H. Harrison Elementary School, 1012 W Thompson St
  5. University City High School, 3601 Filbert Street
  6. Charles Drew Elementary School, 3601 Filbert Street
  7. The Walnut Center, 3601 Filbert Street


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