Statement On The Cigarette Tax And School Funding

In response to comments Governor Tom Corbett made today in support of the enactment of a cigarette tax, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Council President Darrell Clarke, Philadelphia School District Superintendent Dr. William Hite, School Reform Commission Chair Bill Green and President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Rob Wonderling released the following statement:

“We very much appreciate the Governor’s strong support for a cigarette tax that will benefit Philadelphia school children.  We also are thankful for the General Assembly’s continuing support for this measure.  We hope this vital tax enabling legislation is enacted as soon as possible.  The local revenue at issue is critically important to the ongoing operations of the School District of Philadelphia.  These funds will help ensure that our schools open on time and will help avoid severe reductions in staffing that could compromise the District’s ability to meet its educational mission or operate safely.”

Mayor Michael A. Nutter

Council President Darrell Clarke

Dr. William R. Hite, Superintendent, Philadelphia School District

Bill Green, Chair, School Reform Commission

Rob Wonderling, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

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