Department Of Licenses & Inspections Announces New Signage Regulations For Construction And Demolition Sites

Philadelphia, July 17, 2014 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses & Inspections (L&I) unveiled new regulations requiring the display of project information signs at all construction and demolition sites.

“In the wake of the tragic events at 22nd & Market Streets on June 5, 2013, the City of Philadelphia has been engaged in an ongoing process to evaluate our regulations, laws and standard procedures – all in an effort to do our best to ensure that another tragedy doesn’t occur,” said Mayor Nutter.  “Two days after the collapse. I announced a series of initiatives to transform L&I procedures.  Today’s announcement is a continuation of that process.  In an effort to improve communication with the public, all project sites will be required to install signage containing important information about the project in a prominent location easily viewed by passersby.  Any citizens will be able to learn what is going on at the site, monitor the project’s progress, and report any dangerous conditions to the City for inspection quickly and easily.”

L&I Commissioner Carlton Williams said, “The goal of this regulation is to ensure the public is informed about ongoing construction and demolition work and provide citizens with tools to report any potential violations. This new requirement is part of the Department’s ongoing commitment to improving safety at all construction and demolition sites.”

The regulation calls for specific signage for major construction and demolition projects involving buildings that are four or more stories in height or 10,000 square feet in lot space. Those sites must display in a prominent location a project information sign measuring at least 3’x5’ and identifying the property address, property owner, contractor, renderings, and work completion date, as well as contact information to report any suspected violations.

Smaller construction and demolition projects involving buildings three stories or less in height will also be required to post a project information sign measuring 11”x17” and containing pertinent details of the project.

The regulation applies to all construction and demolition projects submitted to L&I after June 30, 2014. Specific information about the regulations can be found on L&I’s website,, under the “What’s New” section.

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