City, State & Federal Officials To Announce Expansion Of City Pedestrian Safety Program

Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities
Barry J Schoch, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
David J. Friedman, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Kevin Bethel, Deputy Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department
Alex Doty, Executive Director, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

WHAT:          Deputy Mayor Cutler, federal and state officials, and community leaders will speak about the implementation and expansion of the traffic and pedestrian safety program, It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science.  This program is a no-nonsense, multi-faceted program which seeks to reduce the number of pedestrian involved crashes, injuries and fatalities in the City of Philadelphia.

WHERE:        Philadelphia City Hall, North side (outside), at 1400 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

WHEN:          Wednesday, October 15, 2014                         1:30 PM TODAY  

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