City Of Philadelphia Releases Open Data Strategic Plan

Philadelphia, October 30, 2014 – The City of Philadelphia released the Open Data Strategic Plan, which evaluates the progress of the City’s Open Data policy using a comprehensive analysis called Open Data Census, and outlines the next phase in the City’s Open Data policy, including a broader data management strategy for the City.

“Since the creation of the Open Data Executive Order, our Administration has released more than 100 data sets – including high-value data sets like Part 1 crime.  We’ve worked hard to build a solid foundation for open data in Philadelphia,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “But, we have more work to do. This Open Data Strategic Plan will be our guide for the next phase of Open Data in this great city.  It will help us reaffirm our goal of using open data to better inform citizens, improve service delivery and increase communication and data sharing between departments.  It will help us maintain a citizen-centric approach and improve the way we do business as a city.”

Richard Negrin, Deputy Mayor and Managing Director, said, “Open data creates opportunities for innovation around service delivery within city government and provides citizens the information they need to be more engaged.  This enables government, businesses, and citizens alike to develop new solutions to complex problems. While this strategic plan captures several success stories and use cases, we are only just beginning to see the impact of open data.”

Chief Data Officer Tim Wisniewski added, “It’s time for open data to grow beyond an initiative – it needs to be part of the way we do business as a government. We’ll get there by focusing on the general public as our customer, facilitating department ownership, and improving how we manage and share data in the first place.”

The Open Data Strategic Plan and the accompanying Open Data Census are available at

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