Philadelphia, November 20, 2014– Mayor Michael A. Nutter released the following statement on President Obama’s executive action on immigration. The statement reads as follows:


“I support President Obama taking this bold and necessary action that will provide more resources for tougher enforcement on illegal immigration at the border, focus on deporting felons, like violent criminals and terrorists, not families, and strengthen accountability with background checks and tax requirements.

The President’s executive action will also foster a trust in law enforcement and help immigrants become a part of the rich fabric of American society. Immigrants greatly contribute to the vitality of our city and our country. Here in Philadelphia, we know that immigrants have a significant impact on the growth, economic development and cultural diversity that make this a world-class city.

It is imperative that we give new Americans opportunities that will allow them to succeed because the current immigration system is holding them, our city and our country back. President Obama’s executive action provides relief to immigrant families, but it is not a permanent solution.

I urge our representatives in Congress to work with our President to establish a law that addresses the problems of the current immigration system that are clear to all of us – regardless of party or status. Ultimately, the lasting reforms we need to fix this broken system must be passed by Congress.”

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