Philadelphia, December 1, 2014– Mayor Michael A. Nutter accepted the Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave final report, containing recommendations on Paid Sick Leave policies in the City of Philadelphia.  The report has a series of recommendations including: requiring employers with 15 or more employees to provide paid sick leave to qualifying employees, requiring employers with fewer than 15 employees to provide unpaid, earned sick time that follows the paid sick leave accrual requirements, a wait period for use and accrual of sick leave hours, retention of existing employer policies if they satisfy or exceed the accrual requirements, and requiring employers to keep records of hours worked, earned time accrued and sick time taken by employees for a period of two years.


“Paid sick leave is a complicated policy question that profoundly impacts employees and employers,” said Mayor Nutter. “I did not support previous Paid Sick Leave legislation in the past because of the possible significant losses of job opportunities and the overall state of the regional economy.  I do not want to put Philadelphia at a competitive disadvantage.  However, our city’s economy continues to grow and is stronger than it has been in a long time.  Since January 2013, we’ve announced more than $8.5 billion in recently announced, under construction or completed development projects.  It was the right time for a comprehensive review of the likely impact of paid sick leave employees, businesses and the entire city.  I am proud to accept this report and review the recommendations.”


Councilman William Greenlee added, “I thank the Task Force for all its hard work and look forward to having a paid sick leave bill in 2015.”


The Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave spent the majority of its time researching the current business landscape in Philadelphia, implications related to public health, healthcare access, impact on workers and their families, and what other jurisdictions have enacted.  The Task Force then considered the needs of businesses, protection of the public health, the health and economic stability of workers, and the overall quality of live and values of those living in, working in and visiting Philadelphia.


As of November 2014, 16 cities and 3 states have paid sick leave ordinances. In Philadelphia, City Council previously passed paid sick leave legislation in 2011 and 2013. Both bills were vetoed by Mayor Nutter due to concerns about the slow progress of economic recovery following the Great Recession and the potentially negative impact that such legislation could have on the health of local businesses and on job creation.


The Task Force was created on June 12, 2014 with mayoral appointees selected based on their professional expertise and stakeholder interest.  The co-chairs of the Task Force are Natalie Levkovich, Executive Director of the Health Federation of Philadelphia and Dan Calista, Founder and CEO, Vynamic.


The other members of the Paid Sick Leave Task Force are:

  • Chiona Azi, African Cultural Alliance of North America
  • Marianne Bellesorte, Pathways PA
  • Peter Cappelli, Center for Human Resources at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
  • Pete Ellis, El Fuego
  • Dewetta Logan, Smart Beginnings Early Learning Center
  • Scott McNeal, North Philadelphia Health System and Delaware Valley Community Center
  • Luis Mora, FINTANA
  • Teofilo Reyes, Restaurant Opportunities Center United
  • Elliot Rosario, Wash Cycle Laundry
  • Narasimha Shenoy, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia
  • Ellen Somekawa, Asian Americans United
  • Joanne Zeas, Temple University

Download the full report here.

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