Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the appointment of Mary Stitt as the Commissioner of the Department of Procurement. As Procurement Commissioner, Ms. Stitt will work to sustainably streamline and modernize Department processes, and implement strategies to increase participation of local businesses, especially minority and women owned businesses. Ms. Stitt officially began work as the Commissioner on December 1st.

“As Commissioner of the Procurement Department, Mary Stitt will bring innovative leadership to a department responsible for securing vital resources for our city,” said Mayor Nutter. “In her first 30 days as head of the Department, Mary plans to build on her work as a former Deputy Commissioner in Procurement by evaluating the programs and budget of the department, developing a new vender portal and outreach program and beginning discussions with other City department leaders to facilitate better purchasing plans for City equipment. I am confident that under Mary’s leadership the Procurement Department will fulfill its role as the central purchasing and materials management agency for the City of Philadelphia – acquiring goods and services at the lowest price while ensuring a fair and open process through a competitive bid system.”

Ms. Stitt said, “In this new role, I look forward to working with the talented and committed team in the Department as we work to modernize and innovate purchasing for the City of Philadelphia. I also look forward to partnering with the City’s business community to provide our citizens with quality and cost efficient goods and services. I would like to thank Mayor Nutter and Managing Director Negrin for having the confidence in my leadership abilities to guide the Procurement Department forward. It is an honor and a privilege to continue to serve the citizens of Philadelphia.”

Ms. Stitt has extensive experience working in city government. She began her government career in 2000 as a legal assistant in the City of Philadelphia’s Law Department, Health and Human Services Unit. In the fall of 2004, Ms. Stitt briefly left government to take a position as Manager at Commerce Bank in Philadelphia. In 2006, Ms. Stitt returned to work for the City of Philadelphia as an Enforcement Officer for the Minority Business Enterprise Council (MBEC). Not long after starting at MBEC, Ms. Stitt was promoted to Deputy Director of Certification and Process Engineering.

In 2007, Ms. Stitt left MBEC to become the Deputy Commissioner of the Procurement Department. While there, Ms. Stitt played a central role in managing the Department and had many notable accomplishments, including serving as Co-Chair of the City’s Reform Team whose efforts resulted in changes to the Home Rule Charter, allowing for the expansion of cooperative purchasing, electronic procurement and reverse auctioning. Ms. Stitt also built a partnership with the Office of Economic Opportunity to help foster an environment of inclusion in City contracting. She also built and maintained relationships with key stakeholders, including City Council, and helped reduce bid processing time.

In March of 2013, Ms. Stitt was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff of the Office of the Managing Director (MDO). As Chief of Staff, Ms. Stitt served as the principal administrator and operations manager of the MDO, which has 164 employees and an annual budget of $18,000,000. Additionally, Ms. Stitt served as an advisor on key policy issues and oversaw many significant projects, including the Family Leave Act and the Municipal Advertising project.

“Mary is a dedicated, hard working public servant and I am pleased that she has been appointed as Procurement Commissioner,” said Rich Negrin, Managing Director and Deputy Mayor for Planning & Coordination. “It has been wonderful having her as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Managing Director for almost two years. Mary’s past experience partnered with her commitment to integrity in government give me great confidence in her ability to lead the Procurement Department. I wish her much success in her new position.”

Ms. Stitt holds a Juris Doctor from the Villanova University School of Law and a B.A. in Business Management from Chestnut Hill College.

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