Philadelphia, January 15, 2015 – The City of Philadelphia released a report, Tale of the Tape: 1984 to 2014, A Report of Data and Metrics Detailing the Growth and Progress of the City of Philadelphia, which captures key changes in Philadelphia during the last 30 years.


“As we have finished 2014 and now look forward to 2015, I think it’s important that Philadelphians have more data, information and perspective about the growth and development of their City for the past few years, including through the Great Recession, to understand better the significant progress that Philadelphia has made in recent times and over the past 30 years,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “Philadelphia has made great progress in so many measurable areas, and the facts of that progress should be made widely available to our citizens, business leaders, civic community, visitors and people looking to visit or invest in Philadelphia. And even with the progress in many areas, this data and information release also points out areas of challenge that remain for our City, including poverty, education funding and public safety. As Philadelphians, we should acknowledge our positive progress and also recommit ourselves to working together to develop solutions to the challenges we face. Philadelphia is a city on the rise, and this data and information help to tell some of the story of our great city.”


Overall, Philadelphia has experienced significant increases in public safety, economic vitality, jobs and employment, population, revenues for education and quality of life for many Philadelphians.  This factual, baseline data and information will help Philadelphians evaluate the progress of their city in various areas of concern, which have been areas of focus for the Nutter Administration, and utilize the data to inform new proposals and ideas advanced in the future.


Even with significant advances in many areas, the report also shows that Philadelphia still faces many challenges, namely the highest poverty rate of the top ten biggest cities in America and lack of additional funding for schools.  However, the report shows that over time with consistent effort and a vision for the future, Philadelphia can make significant progress.



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