Philadelphia, February 18, 2015 — Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the successful implementation of the City of Philadelphia’s new Philly 311 customer service system, a platform that includes a cloud-based community portal and improved tracking for service requests.

“With the new Philly 311 customer service platform, our goal is not only to create a more connected, citizen-responsive city, but also to inspire other cities to follow our model and engage their citizens,” said Mayor Nutter.  “When I came into office, I made it a priority to enhance transparent and efficient government, increase integrity, build better open data practices and improve government accountability. We want to empower people and work with Philadelphians to get done the creative and sustainable solutions to quality of life and government related issues that citizens care most about.”

The new service system empowers citizens to submit service requests, access city information, engage with local organizations, find educational opportunities and improve public safety city-wide by phone, the web, the app, social media or in person. The implementation of this project was contracted with Unisys, after an RFP selection process, and built on Salesforce’s cloud computing platform.

“Unisys is pleased to have been chosen to work with the City of Philadelphia to launch the new Philly 311 system, which provides exciting new ways for citizens and visitors to interact with their government and others throughout the community,” said Quincy Allen, Chief Marketing Officer and Strategy Officer of Unisys. “We applaud the forward thinking of the City administration in advancing a bold new vision of a connected city that, step by step, is being realized in Philadelphia.”

The Philly 311 technology upgrade allows citizens to communicate directly with their government and engage with fellow residents through the Neighborhood Community portal that allows citizens to connect on shared concerns and interact with each other and City departments and officials directly.

Additionally, Mayor Nutter invited other mayors to learn from Philadelphia’s innovation successes and challenges through a blueprint guide, which explains step by step how Philadelphia is utilizing technology to connect with its citizens on multiple channels. A copy of the blue print will be available through the Managing Director’s Office, contact Amanda Wagner at (267)402-0885 or

“The customer may always be right, but that only goes so far if they can’t be heard,” said Rosetta Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer. “Philadelphia’s citizens are our customers, and we are driven to use the best tools possible to make sure every citizen is connected and we hear their voices, loud and clear.”

Since the Philly 311 Call Center opened in 2008, it has received more than seven million calls from citizens and businesses with service requests, ranging from pothole repairs and cleaning graffiti, to removing drug paraphernalia from playgrounds and reporting abandoned vehicles. The new platform makes these requests easier to fulfill through improved interdepartmental communication and a more effective system for citizens to monitor the status of their request. The City will also be better able to identify and predict trends that will help the City be more proactive about meeting the needs of its citizens by capitalizing on improved data collection.

The new Philly 311 service platform was part of Mayor Nutter’s $120 million capital investment projects to upgrade technology infrastructure.

“Under the leadership of Mayor Nutter, the City of Philadelphia has transformed itself with technology that better serves its citizen customers,” said Vivek Kundra, Executive Vice President of Salesforce and former Chief Information Officer for President Barak Obama. “We are thrilled to be a strategic partner with Philadelphia to drive its 311 service as the city connects its employees, services and infrastructure to be more accessible, responsive and transparent.”

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