Announces goal of 10,000 jobs citywide



Philadelphia, February 23, 2015 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter and other city officials, business and philanthropic leaders launched the 2015 Summer Jobs Challenge to motivate organizations from across the City of Philadelphia collectively to create 10,000 summer job opportunities for youth this year.


Mayor Nutter and the Philadelphia Youth Network, managing partner of the city’s cross-sector youth development initiative WorkReady Philadelphia, are encouraging Philadelphia businesses, partners and individuals to join the citywide campaign.


“Youth employment opportunities matter.  Youth employment and the development of a skilled, educated workforce are critical to achieving so many of our city’s long-term priorities,” said Mayor Nutter. “By providing a young person with a summer work opportunity, employers are investing in the future of their company, the future of their young employees, and the future of our entire city.”


In addition to WorkReady Philadelphia, which provides educationally-enriched work and career development opportunities, the City is leading by example through this initiative by incorporating department-led youth employment programs like PowerCorpsPHL and Philly Future Track into the count to reach 10,000 summer jobs this summer and year-round.


Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network, says in order for Philadelphia’s young people to grow both academically and professionally, they need positive work experiences starting at an early age.


“In order to create positive change for Philadelphia’s youth, work experiences must start at an early age to set and develop the foundational skills needed to have a successful future,” said Fulmore-Townsend. “We see in our alumni the power of an early introduction to the workforce.  Using work experiences to help youth identify their purpose and passion is powerful, it improves not just their own lives, but builds stronger communities, and a more robust economy.  The road to economic stability begins with securing investments in our future workforce”


To get involved or learn more about hiring young people this summer, visit online at

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