hiladelphia, March 27, 2015 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the departure of Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor for Transportation & Utilities, who will become the Senior Director for Major Station Planning and Development with Amtrak.  In this role, Ms. Cutler will advance large-scale, multi-party master plans for Amtrak’s largest stations across the country.  Deputy Mayor Cutler’s last day of City employment will be in April 17, 2015.

“Rina Cutler is passionate about public service, the future of cities, and innovation and diversity,” said Mayor Nutter.  “It is with deep appreciation I announce her resignation and wish her well in her new position with Amtrak.  She will bring a lifetime of talent, energy and passion to infrastructure development on a national stage at a time when Americans must plan for and invest in greener, more sustainable transit.”

In March 2008, Mayor Nutter appointed Ms. Cutler as Deputy Mayor for Transportation & Utilities to better coordinate the mission of City departments and agencies like Streets, Water, the Philadelphia International Airport, City Planning, Public Property and the Energy Office, and to manage relationships with owners of significant regional infrastructure like PECO, PGW, DRPA, PennDOT, Amtrak, private railroads, and the PPA. The Office of Transportation & Utilities works hard ensure that Philadelphians can get where they are going, no matter how they choose to get there; be it by foot, bike, car or public transit, and that Philadelphia’s water, electricity and gas systems are of the highest caliber with a shared vision of increased mobility and sustainability.

During her tenure, Deputy Mayor Cutler has overseen many projects and partnerships which have enhanced the quality of life for all Philadelphians:

  • In 2010, the new $67M South Street Bridge opened on time and on budget connecting the neighborhoods of Center City, South Philadelphia and University City and serving millions of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles every year.
  • In 2012, the City signed the ‘Green City, Clean Waters’ agreement with the EPA, the first of its kind, which is a national model for urban stormwater management.
  • The expansion, acquisition of new carriers and other enhancements at Philadelphia International Airport.
  • A new level of collaboration between the City and SEPTA, leading to better communication between the agency and City departments like Streets and Water, and better service for customers.
  • In 2009, Mayor Nutter signed an Executive Order regarding the City’s “Complete Streets” plan, which mandates that city streets must be available to all types of transportation: cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians.  The City has seen a 10% drop in pedestrian-involved accidents through efforts like synchronized stop lights, improved street lighting and signage, and new cost-saving LED lights. 
  • In Spring 2015, the City will launch its new bike share program, Indego, which will benefit from years of investment in bike lanes and trails across the city and region.
  • In 2008 the City introduced single-stream recycling collection on the same day as trash pickup and in 2010, it launched the Recycling Rewards partnership, both of which have increased recycling citywide and tripled the City’s diversion rate.

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve Mayor Nutter and the citizens of Philadelphia for the past seven years,” said Deputy Mayor Cutler.  “With Mayor Nutter’s leadership and the incredible work of the staff in my office, the Commissioners of the Streets and Water Departments and the CEO of the Airport, Philadelphia’s infrastructure and transportation service are significantly better than in 2008.  More importantly, all are on track to be even better in the years to come. The focus on how to use our streets differently, make them safer for all users, that public space is a crucial amenity has been driven by a Mayor who had a vision for how transportation can improve safety, sustainability and economic development.”

Deputy Mayor Cutler was named the 2011 Public Works Leader of the Year by American City and County Magazine.  This award is given annually to professionals who demonstrate outstanding leadership in public works.

Prior to joining the Nutter Administration in 2008, Ms. Cutler served as the Deputy Secretary for Administration at PennDOT since 2003.  In addition, Ms. Cutler served for almost 2 years as the Acting District Executive at PennDOT for the 5 county Philadelphia region. Her prior experience includes Transportation Commissioner for the City of Boston, the Director of Parking and Traffic for the City of San Francisco and the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

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