Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement urging the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is set to hear arguments today in the Texas lawsuit temporarily delaying President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, to reinstate the implementation of President Obama’s executive orders. 


The Mayor’s statement followed a press conference publicly supporting the President’s executive action as part of Philadelphia’s membership in Cities United for Immigration Action, a coalition of more than 70 cities and counties across the country calling for the implementation of the President’s immigration reforms.  Philadelphia’s event was one of several that will be held in cities across the nation, including Los Angeles, Boston and New York City. 


The statement is as follows:


“Last November, President Obama took necessary actions to fix our broken immigration system when Congress would not act.  His executive orders strengthened illegal immigration enforcement and created a pathway to citizenship that encourages immigrants to become fully integrated members of our communities.


But in February, President Obama’s actions, and the good will in the immigrant community and positive outcomes for cities that it would foster, were put on hold.  While these actions go unimplemented, thousands of immigrants and their families are hurt, affecting our economy and creating mistrust and insecurity in our communities.


The majority of immigrants in America live in our cities.  In Philadelphia, we have embraced this community, ensuring they have access to city services and a voice in public policy – no matter their country of origin, their legal status or what language they speak.  Because we know that immigrants have a significant impact on the growth, economic development and cultural diversity that makes Philadelphia a world-class city.


Our nation’s immigration policies should empower cities to be inclusive of all residents.  While the President’s executive actions are not a permanent solution, they are important strides to support the well-being, integration and success of immigrants across America. 


It is my sincere hope, one I know is shared by mayors, advocates and immigrants alike, that the Court of Appeals will reinstate the implementation of President Obama’s executive action.”

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