Philadelphia, June 18, 2015 – As part of the City’s effort to provide transparency and accountability across all departments, the Fire Department announced it is seeking public input in order to prioritize open data sets relating to its work.

The Fire Department is partnering with the Office of Innovation & Technology (OIT) to develop a data inventory, a list of all 168 datasets produced by the department, and has shared this list online. While the inventory does not contain the data itself, the list enables members of the public to see what data exists and how it is used.  The online site also features a submission form for members of the public to provide feedback about which datasets are important to citizens.  This public feedback will be used to prioritize the next set of open data releases from Streets.

“Today’s release is an invitation for the public to participate in the Fire Department’s transparency initiatives,” said Fire Commissioner Derrick J.V. Sawyer. “Simultaneously, this process enables us to partner with other departments to improve public safety by sharing data.” 

The Fire Department is the eighth City department to publish a data inventory, a major component of the City’s new open data process, and joins those recently completed by the Department of Licenses & Inspections and the Streets Department. With an increasing number of department inventories available, the collection is quickly becoming a valuable resource both for departments and for the public to understand what information is collected City-wide and how to obtain it.

The data inventory is available at  Members of the public can provide feedback by clicking “comments” next to the dataset

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