Philadelphia, October 16, 2015 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the retirement of Susan Kretsge, Deputy Mayor for Health & Opportunity.  Deputy Mayor Kretsge’s last day of City employment is today, October 16, 2015.

“Susan Kretsge is passionate about public service and the welfare of all Philadelphians,” said Mayor Nutter.  “She has served the citizens of our great City with the highest levels of commitment, innovation and humanity, improving the lives of children and adults across the City.  She has worked in a variety of capacities in this government, and in every role she has made the department or agency in which she worked better.  It is with deep appreciation I announce her resignation and wish her well in her future endeavors.”

In July 2014, Mayor Nutter appointed Ms. Kretsge as Deputy Mayor for Health and Opportunity after the departure of Dr. Donald Schwarz from that position.  During her tenure, Deputy Mayor Kretsge has overseen many projects and partnerships which have enhanced the quality of life for all Philadelphians:

o   On Veteran’s Day 2015, Mayor Nutter will announce the end of veteran homelessness in Philadelphia.  Through the PhillyVetsHome partnership, every veteran in the City of Philadelphia who is homeless or at risk will have access to permanent housing and services.

o   The Office of Health & Opportunity has overseen the City’s effort to end homelessness by increasing capacity for temporary shelters, enhancing substance abuse programs and other supportive services, and strengthening the City’s partnership with the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).

  • The City’s supply of supportive housing increased 80% between 2008 and 2014.
  • During the same time period, 1,169 families and 1,047 individuals moved into PHA properties or equivalent rental units.  As of October 1, 2014, 98% of families and 89% of individuals have stayed in this housing.

o   The City of Philadelphia has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to build a new 69,000 square-foot, LEED certified facility in South Philadelphia which will house a new CHOP pediatric clinic, City health center, Free Library of Philadelphia branch and City recreation center.  The new facility will serve the community through enhanced, integrated health and wellness programming, access to medical care in a new space, a new greened playground with stormwater management tools, and a new 21st century library with more digital media materials.

o   The Data Management Office (DMO) manages the Office of Health & Opportunity’s integrated data system, CARES, which links multiple data systems and collects, integrates and analyzes data to provide City leadership with comprehensive information for informed decision-making.

“I am leaving my career in public service with the same passion as the day I began,” said Deputy Mayor Kretsge.  “All work in government or the public sector matters, but I believe that in local government you can really see and feel the impact your service has on people’s lives.  I’ve had a wonderful, challenging career with the City for more than forty years, and being able to end it as a Deputy Mayor, especially for Mayor Nutter, is the pinnacle of a career in public service.”

Ms. Kretsge started her career with the City of Philadelphia as a management trainee and Human Resources (HR) professional with the Personnel Department (now called the Office of Human Resources) on December 2, 1974.  She served several City departments as an HR professional, including the Fire Department and the Office of the Managing Director (MDO), before moving to the fiscal analysis unit in the MDO.  From there, she became an Assistant Managing Director handling contracts, policy and planning for the Health Department, and then a Deputy Managing Director for the Division of Social Services.  Finally, Ms. Kretsge ran the policy and analysis unit for the MDO before being appointed as Chief of Staff to former Deputy Mayor Schwarz at the beginning of the Nutter Administration.

“Susan Kretsge is the epitome of an excellent public servant,” said Dr. Donald Schwarz, former Deputy Mayor for Health & Opportunity and Health Commissioner.  “She has been an unsung hero in the life of the City of Philadelphia for the last forty years, carefully and honestly shepherding the social service agenda that improves the lives of our city’s most vulnerable people.”

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