Philadelphia, December 22, 2015 — Mayor Michael A. Nutter received Building Safety in Philadelphia: Progress in Process, a report from the City of Philadelphia’s Building Safety Oversight Board, chaired by Michael Nadol.

“During my Administration, we have worked to ensure that the reform process within L+I has been deliberate, intentional and progressive,” said Mayor Nutter.  “The earlier report by the Special Independent Advisory Commission set out 37 different recommendations, the implementation of which has been guided by the Building Safety Oversight Board.  I thank the Board for its dedication and tenacity in tackling this challenging work to keeping safe the residents of our great city.”

The report from the Building Safety Oversight Board represents an almost year-long assessment of the implementation progress of the Special Independent Advisory Commission’s recommendations to reform the Department of Licenses + Inspections (L+I).  According to the report, significant new safety-oriented legislation and regulations have been adopted, and strengthened funding, staffing and technology commitments have advanced, but full implementation remains a work in progress.

The report highlights vital work still to be done as the new Administration of Mayor-elect James F. Kenney prepares to take office.  Key areas with detailed next steps include ensuring that Project eCLIPSE is fully operational, high-level coordination around issues that pose the greatest risk to public safety and involve multiple City departments like vacant properties, and a commitment that L+I is fully staffed and funded.

The report can be viewed at

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