Philadelphia, December 28, 2015 –  The City of Philadelphia released data about property tax balances through it’s open data portal. The data includes all current balances and credits dating back to 1972 and is updated weekly.

“Transparency through Open Data releases is helping Philadelphia become one of the most ethically-run, accessible cities in America,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “This release joins a growing list of more than 230 open data sets that help inform citizens and strengthen trust in government.”

The dataset contains records for more than 96,000 properties with balances owed and about 40,000 properties with credits/overpayments. In addition to being available for download, the data is accompanied by a visualization tool enabling users to easily browse, sort, and drill down into the data within their web browser.

“Expanding access to property tax balance information allows users to understand the scale and detail of delinquency,” said Revenue Commissioner and Chief Collections Officer Clarena I. W. Tolson. “More than $100 million in delinquent Real Estate Tax was collected last year to support Philadelphia schools and services; the tool will give users a new way to understand what remains outstanding.”

The data and the accompanying visualization can be accessed at

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