More Philadelphians working than at any point in last 25 years; more jobs in Philly than at any point in last 15 years

Philadelphia, December 31, 2015 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Alan Greenberger announced today that Philadelphia’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.9%, the lowest in Philadelphia since April 2008 before the recession and a full percentage point lower than when Mayor Nutter took office in January 2008.  In addition, there are more Philadelphians employed than at any point since December 1990 and more jobs in Philadelphia than at any time since April 2001.  There are almost 40,000 more jobs in Philadelphia since Mayor Nutter took office in January 2008.

“This latest employment data is further evidence that Philadelphia is on the right track and more jobs are being created in our city than any other time in recent memory,” said Mayor Nutter.  “As a City, we have much more work to do to expand economic opportunity and alleviate the burden of poverty on our citizens, but the fact that so many Philadelphians are at work is certainly a positive sign of health in our local economy.”

According to preliminary data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for November 2015:

  • 650,108 Philadelphians are employed, an increase of 6,224 since October 2015 and the highest it has been since December 1990.
  • There are 691,800 jobs in Philadelphia, an increase of 4,300 since October 2015 and an increase of almost 40,000 since Mayor Nutter took office in January 2008.  There are more jobs in Philadelphia than any point since April 2001.
  • 40,876 Philadelphians remain unemployed which is the lowest it has been since April 2008.

“As we end one Administration and begin another I want to thank all of the entrepreneurs, businesses, workers and economic development organizations that have helped Philadelphia recover from the recession and experience the recent growth we have achieved,” said Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.  “The fact that so many Philadelphians are now at work is thanks to the strength of our neighborhoods, the resiliency of our small businesses, the investment made by our existing business community, and the fact that so many new companies have chosen Philadelphia as their home.”

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