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Harrisburg, September 17 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter has instructed the command staff of the city government to halt the implementation of Plan C following the Pennsylvania Senate’s approval of House Bill 1828. This afternoon the Pennsylvania Senate voted 32-17 to concur with House Bill 1828, sending the legislation to Governor Rendell for his signature.

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Major cities lost 1.2M jobs in ‘08

Not all cities reported job losses last year there are 15 cities that reported job gains with Houston topping the list with a gain of 57,300 jobs.

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Gov. Rendell Nixes Pay Raises to Plug Budget Holes

Governor Rendell cancels the 3% and 2.25% raises that where due in July and next January.

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Nutter visits Juniata to hear budget views

Mayor Nutter visited a block captain’s house to discuss his upcoming budget plans. The residents at the meeting said they would rather pay higher taxes then have their city services cut.

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Survey shows Nutter retains support

In a recent poll 71% of respondents favor Mayor Nutter. The poll also unveiled that 81% understand the financial crisis the city is facing.

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Furlough Fridays begin for Calif. state workers

200,000 California State Employees are staying home today as the mandatory state furlough begins. The 2-day a month furlough is going to reduce the average state workers salary 9.2%.

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Employers slash 598K jobs in Jan., most since `74

The latest job losses are worst then the economist expected. They projected 524,000 job losses and The Labor Department on Friday released the job losses at 598,000.

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