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Harrisburg, September 17 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter has instructed the command staff of the city government to halt the implementation of Plan C following the Pennsylvania Senate’s approval of House Bill 1828. This afternoon the Pennsylvania Senate voted 32-17 to concur with House Bill 1828, sending the legislation to Governor Rendell for his signature.

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Nutter visits Juniata to hear budget views

Mayor Nutter visited a block captain’s house to discuss his upcoming budget plans. The residents at the meeting said they would rather pay higher taxes then have their city services cut.

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Survey shows Nutter retains support

In a recent poll 71% of respondents favor Mayor Nutter. The poll also unveiled that 81% understand the financial crisis the city is facing.

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Nutter eyes $$ for pools

Mayor Nutter turns to community donations to keep open 30 pools this summer. If he reaches his goal of $1.25 million by March 6 – 30 pools can stay opened six days a week.

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City gets 275G to help homeowners

Mayor Nutter is taking action to see that homeowners don’t lose their homes to foreclosure. Since the program started in June there have been 600 homes saved and about 1,400 are in the process of being rescued.

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Ask The Mayor (Feb 4, 2009)

KYW city hall bureau chief Mike Dunn asks Mayor Michael Nutter questions from KYW listeners regarding the city regarding snow removal, fire dept. cuts, employee cars and a furlough system for city employees.

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Philadelphia Courts May See Substantial Layoffs

The Philadelphia Court System has had a 0 growth budget since 94 and that budget can drop by millions.

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