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Major cities lost 1.2M jobs in ‘08

Not all cities reported job losses last year there are 15 cities that reported job gains with Houston topping the list with a gain of 57,300 jobs.

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Furlough Fridays begin for Calif. state workers

200,000 California State Employees are staying home today as the mandatory state furlough begins. The 2-day a month furlough is going to reduce the average state workers salary 9.2%.

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Employers slash 598K jobs in Jan., most since `74

The latest job losses are worst then the economist expected. They projected 524,000 job losses and The Labor Department on Friday released the job losses at 598,000.

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Recession puts nation’s parades in peril

The failing economy could effect parades across the United States this year into next year as funding grows tighter. Some annual parades that could be effected: The Macy’s Day Parade in New York City, the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif, and The Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

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Unemployment rises in 98% of cities

In the month of December unemployment rates climbed in 363 of 369 cities. Some 40 cities report jobless rates higher than 10%.

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84% of cities in money trouble

The economic crisis has hit 84% of cities in the United States – eight out of ten cities are in financial trouble, up from 64% six months ago.

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Where does your state rank?

An interactive map of the United States that compares unemployment rates, state budget deficit and foreclosure rates that each state is facing during the financial crisis.

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